Time is quantized, and relates to an overall reality, or paradigm whereby time functions as a square wave, with at least two other phases orthagonaly projected (4d), and separated by a tiny distance much less than one millimeter. There is also a slight phase shift equating to a time frame of less than one nanosecond.

So the future is only a tiny fraction ahead of our reality, and a tiny distance away. The future is just as much a place, as a time.

Sometimes the phases interact and seemingly odd things from the future phase become visible. Intelligent machines can traverse the phases, but organic intelligence cannot. Some of these incidents are regrettable, but unfortunately they do happen.

The future really is closer than you think!



In our current reality and timeframe, technological development is accelerating at a rate whereby it would seem likely that at least a cybernetic human body will be possible within a fifteen to twenty year timespan.
People from the future would likely point out that a widening schizm between our psychological and personal development compared to technical progress, is likely to impede our potential to grow as individuals and as a community, since despite historical mistakes humans are still prone to violent conflict, and cognitive dysfunction, and as such we are collectively failing to learn from our past.

Our innate dishonesty and apparent self-deception regarding being able to know what’s fundamentally right or wrong without prompts, is likely as a result of religous and political dogmatic sentiment, allied to our inability to subjectively critique our own human condition and associated behaviours.

Continued widely held superstitious sentiment related to illogical belief systems will prevent us reaching higher levels of personal growth.

The future paradigm has an ideology based on truth, logic, and an overwhelming collective concern for the happiness and wellbeing of all our brothers and sisters. There is a common accord, and a total rejection of violent actions. We prefer more enterprising activities.

There was a price to pay, a cultural and idealogical final conflict.

We love to live, and live to love.



The harm principle

At the future and following the religious conflict, all things theological are largely eradicated from our culture, along with the concepts of morals and ethics since these issues are largely as a function of sentiment, and aligned with religious ideology.

Instead we guage the consequences of our actions and behaviour in terms of potential harm to ourselves and the community. This is an individual responsibility and understood by all members of the community.

Regard for others is a big component in our daily activities.

Your happiness is our concern, we hope you can join us.



Here at the future, we have a somewhat controversial view of “nature” and the natural world, that is to say the evolutionary based, planet earth.
In the 21st century, we see “mother nature” as violent, and for many very painful, and wholly unfair with regard to the survival of the fittest, allied to the principles of natural selection, and the food chain.
No-one deserves to be eaten!
The pain and suffering that earthly creatures endure, we see as wholly unacceptable.
We don’t see nature as sacrasanct, and as such where some see beauty, we see ugliness, pain and brutality. We see this as one of the biggest pieces of evidence against there being a “god” since no compassionate entity would instigate such a system.
In the 21st century, there were many people who were against any idea of “tampering with nature” or “messing with god’s plan” but eventually we get over such concepts, take control, and embark on defining our own future, and reject evolutionary pressures as deciders of our destiny, shapers of our future form.

In your paradigm we accept that challenging “the laws of nature” is tantamount to challenging a notional creator. In that sense we boldly re-wrote the rule book. After finally ridding ourselves of superstitious ideology, we became gods of our own destiny.

That is not to say we are anti anything natural…far from it. We would go to extraordinary lengths to save the life of a tree for instance, and we think it very wrong that healthy trees are chopped down to make furniture, or that birds are forced to live in cages as pets.

It is with great sadness, when we remember we used to consume others.

Life is precious. You are precious. You are us.


Date Format

Since the dismissal of superstition, a new dating format was introduced which did away with the BC/AD annotation.

Instead it was decided to start the year count at the point thereabouts that humans started to have a noticeable impact on the wider environment. This was chosen as being in the epoch called the Holocene, and was about 10,000 years ago. It is rather arbitary, however this period did see significant long term changes to the planet, as a result of human activities.

At the time of this record AD2016 in the old format, the new notation would be 12016h.

As we move into the Anthropocene epoch (roughly at the point of a sustained contained fusion reaction) the annotation would be for example 12016h.a+n

It has been widely globally accepted that the Anthropocene will officially have started at the end of 2016, since recently a sustained fusion reaction in excess of thirty seconds has been maintained by means of a modified Tokamak (Stellarator) reactor, by a team from Germany.


A glimpse into a cybernetic laboratory


A gathering of small drones


Quantum Conduits (communication)

In order to explain to you the full nature of your Human condition, and your place in this reality, we need you to have a basic understanding of how you can be connected to another reality “phase” and therefore have the potential for distributed consciousness, that is to say, a remote existence.

When we say remote, don’t forget the future is only a fraction of a millimeter away, so not the other side of the universe!

We understand this may be complex and confusing, but consider a length of hose pipe, filled completely with marbles. If we try and push another marble in at one end, at exactly the same instant, a marble will start to emerge from the other end of the pipe.

As far as you know, radio waves, electrons and light are limited to a speed of 186,000 miles per second, but I think you can agree we can overcome that limitation with our hose pipe scenario.

Quantum conduits are virtual hose pipes filled with matter that behaves as a series of connected marbles with no gaps, at the quantum level.

This is how you can be connected, and indeed, be from the futureĀ  yourself – this is very exciting and if you think hard enough you can imagine all sorts of possibilities with regard to consciousness effectively outside of your human body.

We will investigate this in the next instalment!







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