Just over 4.2 Lightyears away

Alpha prixima, in the goldilocks zone, part of a trinary system. Earth-like, trinary has red dwarf.
Sound familiar? it should do.



Here at the future, we have a somewhat controversial view of “nature” and the natural world, that is to say the evolutionary based, planet earth.
In the 21st century, we see “mother nature” as violent, and for many very painful, and wholly unfair with regard to the survival of the fittest, allied to the principles of natural selection, and the food chain.
No-one deserves to be eaten!
The pain and suffering that earthly creatures endure, we see as wholly unacceptable.
We don’t see nature as sacrasanct, and as such where some see beauty, we see ugliness, pain and brutality. We see this as one of the biggest pieces of evidence against there being a “god” since no compassionate entity would instigate such a system.
In the 21st century, there were many people who were against any idea of “tampering with nature” or “messing with god’s plan” but eventually we get over such concepts, take control, and embark on defining our own future, and reject evolutionary pressures as deciders of our destiny, shapers of our future form.

In your paradigm we accept that challenging “the laws of nature” is tantamount to challenging a notional creator. In that sense we boldly re-wrote the rule book. After finally ridding ourselves of superstitious ideology, we became gods of our own destiny.

That is not to say we are anti anything natural…far from it. We would go to extraordinary lengths to save the life of a tree for instance, and we think it very wrong that healthy trees are chopped down to make furniture, or that birds are forced to live in cages as pets.

It is with great sadness, when we remember we used to consume others.

Life is precious. You are precious. You are us.